Victoria Simikoski

Broker Associate

Victoria is very charismatic, enthusiastic, and blessed with a heart of gold. Life’s journey has taken Victoria from St. Petersburg, Russia to this great nation and to the city of Clarendon Hills, Illinois.
Victoria is a loving mother and wife who loves to spend quality time with her family. She loves to encourage and support her daughter through all of her academic and extracurricular activities that include pianist training, equestrian sports, volleyball, and softball.

Victoria is also an avid dog lover and is the happy and loving owner of three Golden doodles. Victoria has spent many years in customer service and has developed a strong, happy, and loyal clientele. She has a passion to assist her clients with achieving their dream goals and shares in their excitement with every successful triumph.

Victoria and her husband are first-time homeowners of just under two years, and every day that she pulls into her driveway, she can’t help but smile with sheer joy...a feeling that she hopes to invoke upon every client in their new homes. Victoria realizes the importance of finding a place that you not only call home but feel at home. Let Victoria help you find your place in the world.